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Finding a trusted designer, architect or tradesperson used to be one of the biggest challenges for home-owners looking to renovate. World of Renovation has brought the best to you, hand-selected & trusted professionals who are guaranteed to deliver work of the highest quality. Find highly-regarded Perth tradespeople, architects and interior designers, and meet many of them in person at World of Renovation.

Initial Consultation Complimentary at World of Renovation
If you require our expert and talented interior design service for your renovation or building pre-start, book in on our hourly or day rates so we can design you a stunning new look and add value to your property.

Schedule of Fees;
Interior Design Fees $250 per hour
Architectural Fees $250 per hour
Interior Design Service $1500 full day
Furniture Packages Available on request



Before you begin your maison makeover, meet with the masters of smart design. Interior design begins with communication – don’t hesitate to talk to us and tell us your story. World of Renovation, along with highly acclaimed Million Dollar Makeovers is one of the most trusted interior design companies in Perth where we can turn your dreams into reality, enhance your lifestyle and increase your wealth portfolio through well-crafted renovations and beautifully executed interior and exterior fit outs. Discover our reputable designers and architects who are driven to understand you and your style.

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    First thing’s first: get your plan on paper. An architect is responsible for working on space and structure. Enlist the skills of revered Perth architects to create a new space which lives up to your expectations, all while meeting council obligations. We design and create both style, functionality, and artistry.

  • 3D Concepts & Modelling

    Bring your design to life using the latest software in 3D digital scanning and modelling. The team can create a highly realistic computerised model of your project. The power of technology allows you to see the result for the best visual interpretation. Then we can quote your renovation and bring it to reality.

  • Interior Designers

    Consult with one of our accomplished interior designers and renovation specialists. It’s important to choose a designer who really understands your taste and can help your vision materialise into your home. You’ll be perpetually amazed at how our Perth interior designers can take a concept or desired feel to a whole new level adding value to your lifestyle and property.

  • Furniture & Styling

    Interior design is all about strategy and creativity. It’s about knowing which things go where without overwhelming the design. If minimalist is what you want, minimalist is what you’ll get. A few beautiful objects may be all you need at the moment to give your home a fresh and elegant appearance. Work with an interior designer in Perth in creating a unique look for your living space with quality seating, furniture and flourishes.


Considering structural renovations, cosmetic renovations, or landscaping options?
Enlist the expertise of one of our renovation experts and experienced project managers. We’ll ensure the process is smooth, seamless, hassle-free, cost-effective and we guarantee the fastest turn around times in Perth.

We will ensure we raise your standard of living and secure your return on investment with a cleverly crafted renovation.

  • Structural Renovations

    Extensions, additions and double storey’s. Structural renovations come with their own unique set of challenges. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your team and project manager are trained, skilled, and renowned for being the fastest, quality structural renovators in Perth. View our structural renovations here.

  • Cosmetic Renovations

    Time to change your style and your lifestyle? Enlist the help of our experienced interior designers at World of Renovation who will create a unique interior design concept to suit your personality and bring out the best in your home. Come in and browse our range of kitchens, bathrooms, accessories, flooring, tiles, cabinets, furniture, paint, window dressings and more, all on display available for your purchase.

  • Landscaping

    Grow the value of your property inside and out. Add value and appeal with improved frontage. Enhance your outdoor spaces with decking, lighting and natural elements. Where to start? Speak with a landscape architect at World of Renovation.

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