9 August 2017

Floating Vanities Add Smart Suspension of Space

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Ideas for luxurious bath rooms are limitless with new materials and lighting. However, achieving that awesome feeling of stress-free harmony can be as simple as adding a floating vanity. There is something captivating about the sense of flotation that helps to shake off the woes of the day. With the right design and style in mind, a floating vanity can add a touch of serenity to your bathing experience.

Charming the Basement Blues

If there is no window in a basement bathroom, a closed-in feeling is often the result. While creative lighting can help to alleviate this sensation, a floating vanity can also add a light and airy feeling. Straight sleek lines and seamless mirrors can expand space that may otherwise make you feel cramped. Open that space and add soft under cabinet lighting to play with the dimensions available.

Ideas for Luxurious Home Expansion

Keeping with the flow of a home’s style can become lost when it comes to bathrooms. However, the unique designs of today’s floating vanities help the eye to sweep right into this room without hesitation. The old concept that a sink has to sit atop an enclosed cabinet is becoming outdated. Everything from open shelving and lighted coves to single-sided drawers that leave room for small benches are becoming elegant features that open up spaces.

Vessel Sinks and Floating Vanities

Gone are the mass-produced porcelain sinks that were once a signature of every bathroom. The eclectic or traditional versions of vessel sinks provide this room to take on the stylish characteristics that are present in surrounding spaces. Baths should be inviting and continue to spread your existing design. When choosing a vessel sink, consider the base of a floating vanity that will lift it up in a pedestal fashion while being useful at the same time. Let your designer know that the mood of your bathroom needs to match the style of your home with a touch of serenity.