6 September 2017

Emerging Luxury 2018 Interior Design Trends

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Each year, interior designers create lamps, carpets, draperies and other furniture elements that make the inside of our homes feel luxurious. Whether your home is a place for the family to gather or a fully-furnished high-end rental, you need to gain control of what trends to start noticing that are emerging in the market in 2018.

Adding more houseplants to the walls

One of the most dramatic interior or exterior design elements to emerge over the past decade is the living wall. Filled with live plants, the vertical presentation creates a unique look, but it is best suited to a luxury home. Plants are also a focus in 2018 and, along with living walls, the other trend is to have handmade objects turned into planters.

Luxury decorative items made from mother of pearl

A newly emerging trend that is set for 2018 involves displaying mother of pearl decorations with a new twist. For instance, instead of solely focusing on antique silver tableware for decorating a dining room, framed mother of pearl serving utensils add a warm touch. Mother of pearl will also be finding its way into other luxury decorative items such as presentation bowls.

Black and white, tones of red, and dark teal

When you need to select upholstery or window treatments, picking the best colors for 2018 interior design is easy. The most versatile color combination are predicted to be black and white patterns. For other color ideas, consider variating tones of reds with pillows, towels and other accent pieces. Another color that is emerging for 2018 is dark teal, and this combined with the varied tones of red can be striking.